Our advocacy efforts are led by our Co-Directors of Advocacy, Dr. Erika Penner and Dr. Lesley Lutes. Together, they advocate for psychologists in BC in three broad categories: advocacy in conjunction with key stakeholders, advocacy in conjunction with government bodies, and advocacy aimed at educating and working with members of the public. Some examples of past and present targets for advocacy include creating government funded positions for psychologists in primary care, psychologists and psychology within health authority union negotiations, working with the First Nations Health Authority, and creating educational content about what psychologists do for public edification. They are supported by the Advocacy Committee and Committee Chair, Dr. Simon Elterman. The advocacy committee often takes on projects such as letters of endorsement or position statements and has liaisons with ICBC and the College of Psychologists in BC.

Dr. Erika Penner, PhD, R.Psych
Co-Director of Advocacy

Dr. Lesley Lutes, PhD, R.Psych
Co-Director of Advocacy

Dr. Simon Elterman, PsyD, R.Psych
Chair of the Advocacy Committee

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